Where’d All The Good People Go?

Skilled labor in America has been on a steady decline for a quite some time. Hiring has slowed down drastically. This shouldn’t be news to anyone. As employers in skilled trade industries become more in demand we see labor prices increase due to a very high demand. With a short supply of skilled laborers comes a high demand and in return a hike in what it cost’s to to employ them. There isn’t a lack of jobs either! This makes hiring even more important. A company can not grow without good employees. The price tag of those employees is ever increasing and isn’t projected to level out until around 2020. Overall this is having a negative impact on the construction industry as a whole.

We Want To Hire You!

Hiring skilled laborers

One reason we want to hire “skilled” laborers

     Here at Professional Gutter and Drain we understand all to well the importance of skilled laborers. Following the words of Sir Richard Branson, ” If you take care of your employees first they will take care of your customers”, we have created opportunities for our staff and look forward to creating even more. As times become harder on everyone we take pride in the knowledge that our staff will continue to thrive! We always look internally first for any promotions available. Understanding that reliance and dedication is a fundamental qualification to success we look for that in all of our staff. Albeit there are time when you have an opportunity to add a valued member to the team and we are always excited to see new potential.

     No one knows what the future holds however, here at Professional Gutter and Drain we can promise you it will involve you. It will need you. America is calling for skilled men and women all around the board. When you decide to answer the call we will be here, through it all.