Gutter Cleaning

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

At Professional Gutter & Drain, we often get asked “When is the best time to clean my gutter system?”

In all actuality, it varies depending on your home. If you live in a heavily forested lot, then you may need to clean them up to 3-4 times per year.

On the average home however, we recommend that you clean your gutters 1-2 times a year. Keeping your gutter system properly maintained is highly important to the overall health of your home. Keeping your gutters and downspout free and clear of debris will not only help them function properly, but it will also help the lifespan of the gutter system.

Best times to clean your gutters are:

  • End of spring or beginning of summer (May-June)

  • End of fall or beginning of winter (Nov.-Dec.)

Gutter Cleaning/Service
We will dispatch a 1-2 man crew with a fully equipped truck to clean/tune your complete gutter and downspout system. They will remove any debris found in the gutter or downspout system. They will re-nail gutter spikes, check the pitch, re-pitch the gutters (if necessary), and add fasteners as needed. For an average 3-4 bedroom home this may take up to 60 minutes of time. If more time is necessary, the crew will contact you, and notify you that they are in need of more time and will ask for your consent. If you have a larger home, then more than 60 minutes will be necessary to complete the scope of work.
Gutter/Guard Estimate
In some circumstances, our crew may find existing damages that are non-repairable. (I.E. bent gutters or missing pieces etc.) In this circumstance, we'll provide an estimate to fix the missing or damaged gutter system.
Our Goal
Our goal during the gutter service is to clean, repair and ensure that the gutters are in functioning order. Our crews are highly trained and are able to identify problem areas or concerns. Detailed notes will be provided on the invoice and emailed to you the following business day. All work is guaranteed for up to 14 days after completion of the work performed. If you see something that has been missed, or maybe your gutter is leaking, then give us a call!