“Green” Energy

FirstEnergy currently has two nuclear power plants operating in Ohio providing resources around the state. Privately owned and looking for more profit to stay in business. Now they are claiming they aren’t making enough to stay in business. Proposing a “zero emissions credit” to help recoup the loss. This bill has been introduced in Illinois and is currently under fire. If you take a look it is not hard to see why.

The “zero emissions credit” is not a new concept. Government subsidies are given to clean energy. This is to help them stay competitive in the market as to help advance the alternate fuel efforts. However is nuclear clean? It doesn’t release CO2 however there will be toxic waste produced from the reactor. Why would we give this subsidy meant to further clean energy to one producing one of the most harmful waste byproducts we know of?

Here’s The Deal

The proposed bill could see an increase on your bill five percent and commercial bills by five to nine percent. Well what if you planed ahead? What if you have energy coming from another supplier? Well according to the proposed bill this won’t matter. It will be a mandatory amount owed based on your energy consumption regardless. Totaling an extra 300 million in revenue for the energy giant. Something that should be front page news, barely spoken of. However if we look into the companies reported finances we don’t see this deficit.

"clean" energy

“clean” energy

So what is the real intent here? Is this team Ohio pulling together to secure their energy supply or, is a quick profit. Here at Professional Gutter and Drain we believe in transparency with our customers. We value your feedback and are proud to show you every step along the way. Collaboration has proven itself the best way forward, hopefully we can continue to do so without any laws restricting us!