Underground drains,


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Fixing a problem that you can’t see is a big problem for most. Because we know exterior drainage systems very well we can often make this task look easy. Years of experience in drain repair and the use of proper equipment for drain repair goes along way when it comes to getting a drain pipe cleaned or repaired.

If you are having a problem with an exterior drain give us a call so we can send the pros out and get the water to where it needs to go. Upon your request we will send a crew out on a service call to spend up to 2 man hours to trouble shoot/clean your drains, or do drain repair with our specialized equipment to determine the problem and/or fix the problem. If two man hours is not enough time to complete the required work or check the entire system we can stay longer for an additional cost. If the service call doesn’t fix the problem then we will use the knowledge gained throughout the service call to provide an accurate estimate for the additional work required to fix the problem and we will credit a portion of the service call fee toward the repairs if the customer elects to have the work preformed.

Service calls and any other additional work is always invoiced separately so you know exactly what you are getting into each step of the way. Feel free to give us a call at 614-989-3326 if you would like to request a drain service, drain repair or have any questions.

Drain Camera Inspections and drain locating

Here at Professional Gutter and Drain, have heard through the community that most national chain rooter companies only send a one man crew out with a cleaning machine. Often leaving you with more questions than they answered. Unlike many of these national chain rooter companies, we send a two-man crew with a fully equipped truck. When we find the problem, we are happy to dig and complete spot repairs when possible. We do everything possible to ensure that your drain lines are running properly and efficiently. Ultimately, what this does is ensures you the best possible price, and leaves a peace in mind that we are here to take care of you.

Our underground drain division has a “state of the art” color self leveling drain camera. We use this to inspect, trouble shoot and locate drains. We then  have the ability to show the customer the problem so they can see it first hand. Many home owners like to have the “peace of mind” that their drains are clear and functioning properly. If you solely want a drain camera inspection completed on your drain system we are happy to send a crew out and upon request will DVR the inspection if you provide us with a SD card or flash drive. If you would like us to come out and mark your yard where the drains are located we can do that as well. Drain Camera inspections are set up as a service call and can be requested by simply giving us a call. Feel free to call 614-989-3326 for more information and current pricing/scheduling on our drain camera inspections.