Many homeowners throughout Ohio have experienced the cost of a contractor not doing work properly. Even on many new homes that are being built in Columbus today have been affected by a contractor that chose to do things improperly. When it comes to the health of your home, it is important to remember that many contractors are looking to do the project at hand in the most cost effective way for their business. Ultimately, the result ends up in homeowners having to redo many of the renovations themselves, or hire another contractor to fix the mistakes made by other contractors. In the instance of gutters for example, many contractors sub the installation out to someone who may not even be qualified to install the gutters, or someone that didn’t account for the amount of square footage on your home. This is a costly mistake for the homeowner. Our question for you is:

Do you know if your gutter system has adequate drainage for your home? During a heavy rainfall, is your gutter system overflowing? Maybe even during a light rainfall?

These are signs that either your gutter system is plugged up with debris, or that your gutter system is inadequate for the amount of runoff from your roof.

We are the professionals in Columbus Ohio, and we are here to help you get the proper size gutter system, or schedule a routine cleaning that will help your gutter system manage even the heaviest of rains.

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