Professional Gutter Installation


The installation crew did an exceptional job! They took their time to do the job, cleaned up after themselves, and were very professional & courteous. I would definitely refer Professional Gutter and Drain to any of my friends, family, and neighbors!

-Benny L.


Professional gutter installation,

6 inch K style gutter is mostly common on large homes and medium to mid-sized commercial buildings. The capacity of a one foot section of 6 inch gutter is 2 gallons of water almost twice that of a 5″ gutter.

The most common size of downspout installed with 6 inch gutters is 3″x4″ rectangle although a 4″x5″ rectangle can be installed. Our 6 inch gutters are made with heavy duty .032 gage aluminum gutter coil. As with our 5″ gutter installation we use only the best material available including premium screw hangers.

Through the years most of the advances in technology have been in the way the 6 inch  gutters are attached to the home. Most new and retro installations are completed using hidden screw hangers. Gone are the large 6 inch gutter spikes or nails that work there way loose over time.

We use high quality materials in all of our 6 inch gutters installations including, quality gutter coil that comes with a 20 year warranty, the best downspout pipe, “premium” hidden screw hangers, and big 3″x4″ oval outlets. We finish the 6 inch gutter installation with color matched stainless steel screws to prevent rust streaks ensuring that you new gutters will look great for many years.

Ask to see samples of 5 inch  gutters, the difference is clear.  We are located in Columbus Ohio