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gutter cleaning and repair

If you believe you have a clogged downspout drain you can easily verify your thought by testing the drain with your garden hose, this will let you know if you need drain cleaning. If the drain is 100% clogged then it shouldn’t take long before you see water start to back up and overflow out of the top of the drain.

If your drain is partially blocked then you might see a trickle of water out of the exit of the pipe and some overflowing at the top of the drain. Because a garden hose is usually the only thing you can test with and it will only provide a limited flow of water into the drain there is another possibility. Your drain may be partially blocked and not overflow except for in the instance of a heavy rain that can put a higher volume of water into your drain system then what was possible with a standard garden hose. If you suspect this is your problem the only way to know for sure is to have a drain camera inspection completed or be lucky enough to be in the right place watching the drain the next time you get a heavy down pour. We specialize in exterior drains only, therefore we have the heavy duty equipment necessary to trench through tough terrain including roots.