Science To The Rescue!

Every time I cut a lemon I will always throw a slice down the garbage disposal. The strong citrus content easily destroys any odors lingering. However how do we get rid of the smell when the gunk wont go away? Do we have to just keep masking and overpowering the scent? I can’t fit anything down there to clean it either. Well fortunately the only thing you have to do to keep a clean drain is a simple science project.
we are all familiar with the famous volcano science experiment, a little baking soda a little vinegar and presto. A big reaction. Nature has an answer for our cleaning needs! To summarize this, as I am sure majority of us know, when we combine the two chemicals we create a chemical reaction. The chemical reaction will release Co2 ( Carbon dioxide) in large quantities. Growing pressure from the released gas will clean drains easily. Say bye to the stubborn, and smelly, gunk sitting in your drain line.

Applying Pressure To Achieve A Clean Drain

First thing we want to do is pour hot water down the drain. This will loosen and wash out some gunk and build up. Next we will want to add a half a cup of baking soda. Just go ahead and dump that down the drain you are trying to clean and let it sit for a minute. The baking soda will stick to the wet surfaces and gunk. Now that we know the baking soda wont be washed out it is time to add the vinegar! Add a cup of vinegar and a cup of hot water. Now please remember this is a chemical reaction that release a carbon dioxide. Open a window or ensure you have proper air flow so the carbon dioxide level does not build up. Better safe than sorry. If possible cover the drain, this will seal the pressure in the line making it more effective. Wait a few minutes for the chemical reaction to subside. Now simply rinse the line out with more hot water.

In Case Of Emergency

What do you have? A clean drain. Unfortunately from time to time this will not be enough to solve the clog issues and you may need to contact your local plumber. Here at Professional Gutter & Drain we do not service drains inside the home, yet. As we continue to grow one day we hope to serve the community in this regard as well.