Keep Spring Out Of the Drain

The sun has finally come! Invigorating rays of sunshine are finally in abundance however, we are not the only ones excited about this. Warm weather is bringing all the plants that lost their green due to the cold back to life. The flowers are slowly opening, the grass is gleaming, and the roots from that lovely tree in your yard are starting to spread. Now is an opportune time to have your drain lines for your gutter checked! Life is always changing and challenging us so we must always do our best to stay ahead.

Mother nature can be tricky to stay ahead of. She is very unpredictable and at times just plain makes no sense. What we can count on is roots seeking out sources of nutrition. You may not have had a problem last year with your drain from your gutter, or maybe even it was just small problem that wasn’t a big concern. As spring continues on the roots from all types of plants will be fighting for every drop of water they can get. Tree roots are especially problematic. Often they will enter your drain lines through force and clog them entirely.

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Drain gutters

Fortunately we can remove these roots if caught early enough. If allowed to continue on for to long your drain from the gutters will be clogged beyond service and will need to be replaced. Either way here at Professional Gutter & Drain LTD we are standing by to assist our community. Things to keep an eye out for would be your riser overflowing or “geysering” during a rain event, water in the basement, and mulch or dirt wash out.