Solar Powered Roofing Tiles

Energy has always been a constant in the development of humanity. From fire to electricity we have utilized these elements as fuel to build and grow. As consumption of energy steadily increases experts and visionaries look for creative and effective solutions to ensure we will be ready to meet the demands of tomorrow. Alternative energy has and will continue to grow in popularity and potential. Promising to deliver the energy we need without any of the harmful by-products the current energy choices produce.

Solar energy is among the most readily available renewable energy we currently know about. Our very own fusion reactor in the sky has been sending us wave after waver of energy. The planet around us has produced and sustained life as a result of this energy. Recognizing this potent energy source scientists have developed ever more efficient ways of harnessing this power. Today we utilize what is known as a Photo-voltaic (PV) for creating shingles! Imagine your whole home covered in small solar panels, potentially decreasing your energy bill by 40 percent to 70 percent.

Unfortunately Solar Panels Don’t Grow On Trees

Thinking about the future of roofing tiles

A bright idea, solar energy

This material is made from thin film solar cells (TFSC) which is comprised of copper indium gallium selenide, a semi-conductor allowing for a conversion rate of 10 percent to 12 percent. There is a more capable product available however, it tends to be a lot more expensive. This product is known as Mono-crystalline silicon (Mono-Si). This is a high demand material and will cost quite a bit more for only a small increase in conversion rates, 15 percent to 20 percent.

As the world moves forward we all will have to become more creative with solutions to our everyday problems. Fortunately for everyone, experts exist. Whether it be solar roofing panels or your homes drainage system, someone is always ready to assist. Allowing us to focus on more important aspects for the future, such as that anniversary you almost forgot!


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