Do You See What I See

When it comes to gutters we never usually never pay them much attention, unless they start having physical defects that are visible of course. We have had more than one call stating ” the gutter is pulled away from the home”. Usually no one knows why. How can this happen? Well often times we find the gutter is secured to the home via the fascia board. The fascia board is the only barrier between your rafter tails and your attic. Using the support structure of the home the fascia board is secured in place. The gutter will then be secured to the fascia board.

That’s A Wrap On Fascia Board

Fascia Boards are your support, don't let them down!

Fascia boards gonna need some TLC

When the gutters pull away there are a couple of issues that it could be however, the most common issues are; the gutters have accumulated enough weight at some point to pull itself away or the fascia boards are bad. Without protection the fascia board can become rotted, swollen, or even just split apart. As the wood begins to deteriorate it will force the screws, spikes, or any object in the wood securing the gutter out. When this happens we see the gutter dip in spots or pull away all together. Your gutters potentially are fine in this case and the support system just needs some attention.

Here at Professional Gutter and Drain we would always recommend checking the fascia board for fascia wrap ( an aluminum wrap that protect the wood from moisture) in order to minimize the repairs needed. Time will claim all but with a little insight and good timing you can stay ahead of the times!