Holiday Checklist

Now that winter has arrived we are all busy running about. Holiday shopping has us running around. Holiday meals have us running around. In-laws are coming in town, better run around and get this house spotless! Will all this running around we can feel overwhelmed and overworked. Fortunately we will soon be able to relax and recover. Unfortunately not everything that runs constantly can fix itself. Snow and ice melting is going to make your sump-pump work to keep your basement dry. Tis the season to check your drain lines!

Drain Line Inspection

Checking your drain lines can help ensure your sump-pump won’t get overworked this holiday season. If the ice and snow melting off your home is unable to flow through the drain lines it can cause serious problems. One thing we don’t need this holiday is a costly replacement. Here at Professional Gutter and Drain LTD. we recommend having your drain lines checked for any issues to better prepare you for the long cold months ahead. Checking your Drain Lines can help avoid burning out your sump-pump and will help prevent moisture from getting in your basement.