Water from the walls?

 Often times we will receive a phone call in regards to water getting into the home. Sometimes we hear how the basement is becoming a flooded mess! Other times we hear some off the more unique situations. Things such as “Hi, yes I have water coming from my electrical outlet.” No matter how many times I hear it I am still surprised. Now if this was a Hollywood movie your next move would likely be to call a priest. Fortunately we won’t have to be performing any exorcisms. While this can be a scary situation it is not an impossible problem. Let us pull back the veil of mystery, absolve the fear, and getting moving in the right direction!

Did You Leave The Water Running?

There are two main causes. We will break it down and keep it simple by focusing on the first possibility. All through your home various pipes and lines are carrying water under pressure. Even the smallest crack in these pipes and lines can at times cause a lot of water to leak very quickly. Some cases the line can even be a slow drip. So how can we narrow down this problem? Well we can simply start by locating the main water valve for your home and shutting it off. You may have to wait to see if this corrected your issue if you have a slow leak. Calling your local plumber to identify and correct this issue can prevent mold and a lot of repairs!

It’s Raining Inside!

The second reason can be a hole or exposed area on the roof allowing water in. During rain events water will enter your home, running down the framework. Eventually we will start to see dry wall damage, electrical damage, and even carpet damage. Mold can accumulate inside the wall as well. If you have shut off your water and can not get the problem to stop we recommend calling your local roofer. Inquire about a roofing inspection to identify the source of the water.

Could be worse

Hmmm… well that can’t be good.