Word To The Wise

Here at Professional Gutter & Drain we hear a lot of horror stories. We often get calls about gutters being in need of repair due to a lack of basic maintenance. We are always looking to serve our community here in Columbus Ohio. So we have a few common issues and how they occur.

Broken soffitt and fascia boards are a very common problem that can occur from debris being built up in the gutters. Here in beautiful Columbus Ohio we have a lot of vegetation. Often times the build up of debris in the gutters can happen quickly due to this. When the gutter is full, and especially when it is holding water, the weight can cause the gutter to pull away from the fascia board. It is possible to have the gutter remain attached to the fascia and to have the fascia itself pull away from the rafter tails. Keep your gutters clean so there is not a strain on the gutter system!

When the gutters fill up with water due to the flow being obstructed it can spill over the edges. Gutter hang from the fascia board. If left unchecked this build up can cause the water to seep into the fascia board and cause rot or swelling. In the even this happens the fascia will constantly allow gutters to sag and pull away very easily.

Standing water due to debris build up obstructing the flow of water can create nesting areas for rodents, birds, and insects. While birds may be a welcome sight to your yard, they tend to build their nests over your downspouts with all the debris available to them. Mosquitoes of course love standing water and will quickly multiply around your home. Rodents will also be attracted to the clutter of debris and may find their way in through your rafter tails!

If you have any questions about your gutters give us a call! Keep it classy, Columbus Ohio