Gutter Installation

Free Installation Estimates

We provide free estimates for gutter replacements, as well as gutter guard installations. Our estimator will be set up with a date and time most appropriate to your needs. We do ask that you be present at the time of the estimate. This will ensure that communication is clear and effective, as well as, ensure that you are fully in control of your new gutter replacement and/or gutter guard installation.


Upon approval of the scope of work, we will notify you of approximate wait time. In our line of work, we are very weather dependent. We work off of a first come-first serve basis. So as we move through the volume of work that was approved prior to your job, you will move up on the list, and we will call you the business day prior to the installation. We do our very best to stick to our schedules, but, some deviating variables may exist which may result in having to reschedule at a later time.


All of our seamless k-style gutter installations are fabricated on site. This allows for our crews to get the exact measurements needed to ensure the gutters are the appropriate size. If you have existing gutters on site, we will remove and haul away any gutters that are apart of the provided quote. Our crews are friendly, professional, and reliable. They aim to provide a level of customer service that seems long forgotten. We are here to help you every step of the way. We only use premium quality materials to ensure that your gutters will have the maximum lifespan possible.

Types of Gutters

Gutter Guard

Home of the best Gutter Protection

5″ K-Style Seamless Gutter

The most common gutter found on residential homes in central Ohio is 5 inch K style gutter.

6″ K-Style Seamless Gutter

6 inch K style gutter is mostly common on large homes and medium to mid-sized commercial buildings.

7″ K-Style Seamless Gutter

Continuous Industrial Gutters up to 52′ long

Copper Gutters

We are Central Ohio’s #1 Copper Gutter Installation and Repair Company.

Premier Steel | Half Round Gutter

Premier Steel Half Round Gutter is the rain-drainage system that offers the highest quality

Galvalume Gutters

Galvalume, which is steel, with a coating of aluminum and zinc.

A Little About the Gutter Division

Customer Service. Scheduling. Materials. Crew Management.

At Professional Gutter & Drain, the Gutter Division is equipped with 3 installation trucks, and 1 gutter service truck. This is in order to maintain maximum efficiency, and help as many customers as possible in need of gutter repair, and/or replacements.
The Gutter Division Manager is: Adam Thanasiu

As The Gutter Division Manager it is his sole responsibility to ensure the crews are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done right each and every time. Adam goes through great lengths to coordinate the best possible schedule based on needs and desires of every job.