Drain Cleaning-old

Drain Cleaning/Service
We will dispatch a two man crew in a fully equipped truck. They have a drain snake, camera, and all the necessary tools & materials to make any spot repairs. An average Drain Cleaning/Service takes approximately 60 minutes of time. In that 60 minutes, they will have either gathered enough information to solve your drain problem, or they may need some additional time to complete the repairs. If this is the case, then we will contact you and let you know what we have found. We will then request additional time to complete the repairs. In most circumstances an hour is plenty of time, but if there is root infestation, or you have many underground drain lines, then you may need some additional time.
Drain Estimate
In some instances, the drain cleaning/service will identify that the drain lines are not serviceable and need replaced. Our crew will then take the knowledge gained from the service call, and generate an accurate and detailed estimate of what it will cost to replace the lines.
Our Goal
Our goal during the drain service call is to do whatever necessary to unblock, unclog, & repair your underground drain lines. Upon request, we can send you the camera feed of your underground drain line inspection. Our crews on our service trucks are highly trained, and are able to quickly identify many different types of issues. If a spot repair is needed at the time of service, our service crew will dig up to 10 LF of drain line at the time of service. Anything greater than this amount will require an estimate for replacement.