Drain Division

A little about the Drain Division

Customer Service. Scheduling. Materials. Crew Management.

The Drain Division plays an essential role to our drain installations, drain repairs, and drain estimates. The drain division is equipped with 3 fully equipped installation crews, and 1 drain service crew.

The Drain Division’s goal is to effectively manage crews schedules, and to ensure quality control.

Drain Division Manager: Alan Chamberlain

Drain Division Project Estimator: Dave Frederich

It is the Drain Division’s responsibility to contact Ohio Utility Protection Services at least 48 hours prior to any installations. We are required to do this by law to ensure safety to workers, and homeowners.

Sewer & Water Division

Sewer cleaning, sewer line replacement, water line replacement, camera inspection, and jetting

Is your sewer beginning to back up? Starting to smell, or even just needs a routine sewer clean? We now offer sewer cleaning, sewer line replacement, camera inspection, jetting, and even water line replacement. Often, homeowners seek a professional sewer company, but end up being charged a fortune!

Here at Professional Gutter & Drain, we found a way to bring you a more reliable source without breaking your bank account. We have free estimates carried out by our rooter drain cleaning specialist. Our specialist uses electronic drain locating and will find the root of your sewer problems in minutes. We take pride and value in all the work we do, whether your in need of gutter cleaning, gutter replacement, drain service, and now sewer cleaning/replacement.

Give us a call at 614-989-3326 and get a chance to speak with one of our professionals today so we can take care of you.

Our specialized Sewer & Water Division wants to help our customers understand a little more about sewers and what to look for…


Tree roots can invade even the smallest cracks in pipes. As the roots grow, so does the size of the cracks. This lets in rainwater. Tree roots can also block the pipes causing sewers to backup and overflow. Cracked pipes have to be repaired or replaced. Careful thought needs to be given to the location of thirsty trees.


Broken pipes can occur in public and private systems. Our Sewer & Water division is responsible for inspecting, maintaining and repairing  sewer pipes and down pipes on their land. Broken sewer pipes not only let storm water in, they can also allow untreated waste to enter the soil and create unhealthy conditions. If you suspect broken pipes, have your system inspected by Professional Gutter & Drain.


Many, but not all, properties have a boundary trap. This acts as an inspection point on the sewerage system. It also stops sewer odours from reaching the property. If the boundary trap is set below ground level and it’s lid or concrete rim is damaged, stormwater can get in. There can also be a problem if the vertical riser is cracked.


Storm water down pipes are not allowed to be connected to the sewerage system. All water from your roof should be connected to the local councils storm water system. Sometimes direct connection to the sewerage system may seem easier. The effect of doing so is overflows of diluted raw sewage further down the system. This is a major cause of sewer overflows.


Poorly fitting cracked or broken inspection holes on the mains sewer system can let water into the sewerage system. If you notice any problems with them, please give us a call.


A gully is an open pipe which is covered with a grille and found just outside your building. It is there to release any back flow from blocked sewer pipes and make sure it doesn’t overflow inside the house. If the ground around the gully is built up too high, it can let storm water into the sewerage system. We can lift the gully or lower the ground around it.