Buried and Forgotten

As we prepare for the long cold months ahead we begin to look up. Falling snow illuminated by bright and colorful holiday lights. It is a wonderful sight to behold and helps fill us all with holiday cheer. With so much to do during this time of the year from buying gifts to making travel plans it is hard to remember the little things, like your underground drain lines. Throughout the year we all can see the importance of underground drain lines. Helping keep your basement dry and helping to protect the very foundation of your home. Now that winter has come we tend to forget about our underground drain lines. So before we kick back by the fire make sure you are ready for winter.

     What To Look Out For In Your Drain Lines

Ice forming inside the underground drain lines can potentially pose a problem. How does this happen though? What can I do to prevent this? Well the first step in any good method is observation. Take some time and examine the exterior of your home. Have you noticed any water backing up? Can you find evidence water is draining out of your curb hole, or in some cases to the respective exit points? Do you hear the sump-pump running excessively? Have you noticed any moisture in the basement? These could all be signs of a problem. If you don’t know what you are looking for or aren’t very handy we can perform a drain service for you. Allowing a professional to examine the drain lines will give you peace of mind.

Being pro-active with your drain lines will ultimately be your best bet. Throughout the winter the ground will become frozen and harder to dig through, making repairs more difficult. So making sure you examine your drain lines for any negative pitch, low points or “bellies”, and blockages will help keep your lines from freezing during the winter. One small thing you can do is keep your curb clear where the water exits. Snow plows and snow fall in general will often block these exit points causing water to build up in the line and freeze. Just a simple drain service can help determine if you are ready for winter.